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Odour Care Laundry Pods 50s - Deodourising

Odour-Care Laundry Pods by Clean Conscience


Made for you and the Earth.


At Clean Conscience our goal is to make eco–friendly products a household commodity. Our Patented 5-in-1 Odour Care Laundry Pods are certified with Safe Cosmetics Australia's strict guidelines to ensure that our products adhere to the quality that you deserve.

Made with the highest quality plant-derived ingredients and enhanced with our Malodour-Care Technology, our pods will remove all undesirable smells from your clothes!

Designed to be plastic waste-free, our pods are packaged in fully biodegradable, sustainably sourced paper and compostable plastic, thus making it Zero-Waste and not contributing to the ever-growing plastic waste problem.


Tested to be Skin-Irritaion Safe. Will not irritate people with normal skin. If you have sensitive skin or are looking for a detergent for your baby/kid clothes, please view our Hypoallergenic Laundry Pods.


Choose Clean Conscience and protect what you love.


-Customized allergen-free* scent with added Malodour care to help remove undesirable smells from your clothes

-Added Smart Enzyme® for improved stain removal

-No added paraben, triclosan or formaldehyde

-No Softener

-Certified with Safe Cosmetics Australia to be: Toxic-Free, Not Tested on Animals, Made Safe, Vegan Formulation and Allergy Certified

-Natural antibacterial agent to keep your clothes fresher for a longer period of time


*As per EU Standards



-Deodourise --> Remove odour from your clothes

-Malodour Prevention --> Prevents musty / stale smells after washing

-Smart Enzyme Stain Removal --> Removes all types of stains 

-Antibacterial --> Disinfects your clothes

-Colour Preservation --> Keep your clothes bright and fresh


Odour Care Laundry Pods 50s - Deodourising

  • -Do NOT cut or pre-dissolve pods

    -Do NOT place Pods in dispensing drawer

    -Do NOT place into mouth

    -Do NOT touch with wet hands

    -Do NOT put near or into eyes

    -Keep away from children


    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Store in a place where children cannot reach.

    First Aid:

    If detergent gets into eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice or attention. If detergent gets swallowed, seek medical advice or attention immediately

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