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We were not always known as Clean Conscience. Our story began in a small household with three children in 1992 when two young engineers were trying to find alternative cleaning products to use in their home due to their youngest child’s severe allergy and eczema to traditional cleaning products.


On their quest to find effective, safer cleaning products, the lack of availability became very apparent to them. To solve this problem, they started formulating their own products for personal use.

In time, this gained the attention of their close friends and family and it led to their first company, Evany, being established. 

Today, we operate as Clean Conscience and carry the same pillars in mind: to provide safer, effective products with an additional goal: To help the environment.  

We hope to grow and reach more people and build a global community by creating new and exciting quality products that you will love to use and ultimately help to make eco-friendly necessities a household commodity.

We believe that providing the option to the masses to help the environment without major disruptions to their lives and habits is the key to help them help the world.


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