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We believe that being eco-friendly does not stop at the main product but should also include the packaging. With the ever dire issue of plastic waste and it's choking our oceans and our world, we have resolved that our products should not contribute to this problem. We have designed our products and packaging to be as plastic-waste-free as possible. That is why we use alternative products such as paper, aluminium, and ceramic for packaging our products. Every detail of the packaging has also been scrutinized and made sure that they are biodegradable or do not contribute to plastic waste. If any plastic is required, we try to minimize its use and reuse it.


Some examples of how we are doing this:

  • Using only biodegradable soy-based ink

  • Fully biodegradable FSC® certified boxes.

  • Recyclable Aluminium bottles

  • Refill packs in aluminium bottles 

At Clean Conscience, we believe that eco-friendly products should be the norm, and we do our part by providing the means for all households to help save the earth without compromise on quality and effectiveness.

Protect what you love with Clean Conscience. 


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